Mastering Personal Success….

A program inspired by Positive and Developmental Psychology defines itself as “MPS”
Designed by Mr. Sandeep Punj …a Performance Enhancer & Life Guide who works closely on Character, Strengths and Virtues …
The entire program is based on Positive Psychology keeping in mind Human Development thus contributing to development and productivity.
It is a system based module which guides through eudemonia.

Sandeep’s practice of positive psychology attempt in his sessions with structured system designed for psychological interventions that foster positive attitudes toward one's subjective experiences, individual traits, and life events makes his program different.

Human development is defined as the process of enlarging people's freedoms and opportunities and improving their well-being. Sandeep strongly feels about the real freedom ordinary people have to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live….he translates the same by his mystical program ...”MPS” Mastering Personal Success

Program Outline
  • Discover where you are
  • Understand Expectation
  • Set Life Improvement Goals
  • Create Personal Action Plans
  • Overcome Roadblocks
  • Improve your situations
  • Design Your Life