Inner You

"Inner You" is an integrated approach to good health and mental wellness.

Wellness of MIND is the key towards sound healthy body and life. Body, Mind and Soul healing is a tool comprising of many therapies leading to calmness and correction of Mind & Body which improves concentration, memory and reflexes thus helping an individual to live a well-managed peaceful life.

Inner You sessions closely deals with the fact that the body, mind and social aspects of our life are interconnected and ties it in with the art of self-healing.

The therapies / talk sessions, helps you to understand the health challenges you face that seem to have no reasonable explanation. It explains the role of stress on our both, physiological and psychological state. Many psychosomatic condition triggers illness and diseases.

We work on life events; belief system, fear & obsessions, environmental impact and overall development towards mental wellness.

All our sessions are conducted by experienced psychologists and psychotherapists.

We specialize in customized case specific session packages CCM (Counseling / Coaching / Mentoring).

All our coaching sessions involve combination of therapies.