Spill Kits

Absorbent spill kits will equip you with everything you need to respond quickly and clean up spills for almost any fluid. They are available with a combination of gloves, bags, socks (SOCs),pads, and instruction sheets to help you clean up a spill.
Step 1 Know what you're Absorbing

Universal for water- or oil-based fluids

• Coolants

• Solvents

• Gasoline

• Kerosene

• Vegetable oil

• Latex paint

Oil only for oil-based fluids (repels water):

• Hydraulic oil

• Motor oil

• Brake fluid

• Cooking oil

• Turpentine

• Lubricants

Chemical for hazardous fluids:

• Acids and bases

• Citric acid

• Sodium hydroxide

• Aggressive Chemicals

Step 2 Identify your application

1. General purpose wiping, drips and leaks

2. Heavy foot and forklift traffic

3.Emergency spill response

4.Specialty absorbents