"Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions in ourselves and in our relationships".
- Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence

The program focus on teaching the participants the tools and techniques which enable them to imbibe change, become emotionally intelligent leader & excel in interpersonal relations.
Program Objective

  • Understand the role of Emotional Intelligence in leading diverse staff, effectively.
  • Apply this knowledge to your role in creating an inclusive, harmonious, productive work environment, relationships and organization.
  • Assess selves on Emotional Intelligence and Diversity competencies.
  • Learn methods to manage emotions triggered by differences in values, beliefs and biases flowing from background culture, and change.
Affirmative Introspection
Self Governance
  1. 4 Step model for handling difficult situation
  2. Explore what’s inside my box
  3. Two sides of Me – comfort / discomfort
  4. Being in tune with my biases and hot buttons
  1. 4 step formula for understanding ambiguity
  2. Having a dialogue with your mental board members
  3. Managing changes in your Personal and work life
  4. Identify self talk messages
Inter Cultural Literacy
Social Architecting
  1. Mapping your cultural orientation vs Organizational culture
  2. Identify behaviours that will impact leadership behaviours
  3. Understanding other perspectives
  1. Building connections in the room
  2. Art of listening & speaking
  3. Getting to the “Heart of the matter” conversations
  4. Create a “Compelling Vision for the work place”
Benefits of the Program
Affirmative Introspection
Self Governance
  1. Come up with different ways to handle situation
  2. Process the life changing moments
  3. Identify what irritates, annoys or angers me
  4. Develop action plan for becoming introspective
  1. Learn how to analyse the situation
  2. Add or delete the voices you need to change
  3. Revise action plan to change
  4. Change yourself talk messages
Inter Cultural Literacy
Social Architecting
  1. Understand your cultural orientation
  2. Understand other person’s perspective
  1. Find the similarities with team mates
  2. Align the two
  3. Getting to genuine conversations
  4. Get clarity on what needs to be done in the outer world
    to align with inner

Geet Mala Jalota


Human Resource Development Consultant and trainer

Author | Founder

Book : Have The Woman Left Venus? Decoding gender@workplace

Geet is a post-graduate in commerce (M.Com) from Delhi University, and also post-graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is Author of the book “Have the women left Venus...” (Based on gender diversity). Her experience spans two decades in Corporate Human Resource domain working closely with recruitment, training, performance management, compensation surveys, learning processes, compliances and employee engagement. Her sense of curiosity about what distinguishes average performers from consistent and high performers brought her to the Emotional Intelligence & Diversity field, a field in which she is trained by e/i/d/i, Los Angeles, California.

Geet is a consultant to prominent business houses across India, Dubai & Myanmar. She advises on making the business to people connect, through the Human Resource processes. She believes that learning and breathing go together, consciously or unconsciously.