These assessments are designed by expert counselors with over a decade of experience in the field of education, applied psychology and human behavior.

Global Adjustment Assessment Report
Global Adjustment Assessment Report is a tool developed by Learning Soil Edu for individuals / employees /school students to assess their behavioral adjustments.

Adjustment is a condition of harmonious relationship between the social and the physical environment wherein a person is able to obtain optimum satisfaction for most of his needs and to meet fairly well the physical and the social demands imposed upon him.

Hence, adjustment is a process of making the changes needed or desired, in oneself and / or in ones social and physical environment to experience what is termed as feeling of adjustment. A well adjusted person is someone who engages in behaviors that are appropriate for the culture and a given interpersonal situation.

The concept of adjustment refers to active and creative efforts to live effectively and satisfactorily with the following aspects:

  • • Gaining skills through interaction.
  • • A degree of control over ones daily life.
  • • Re-defining difficult situations.
  • • Self understanding.
  • • Ability to make accurate judgments.

A Comprehensive Report (6 Dimensions), identifying behavioral adjustments, with the help of our Scientifically Designed Assessment.

DURATION: 30 Minutes

Counseling sessions (optional)