This report is based on well researched psychometric assessment covering motivator factors, interest factors & deep personality traits
The process enables the institution to position itself as focused to provide professional and scientific career guidance to its employees.
Leadership Proficiency Report... Indian Fitment
This report is based on well researched three decadesof indigenous data & social conditions which enables usto identify the work life conditions as per our subcontinent.
The process enables the institution to make their people management process develop with a better domestic mindset understanding of the workforce and better organization culture.
Multi-Dimensional Assessment & Analysis of Personality and identification of Career Motivators: The analysis is based on 26+ leadership dimensions describing

  • 6 major motivator factors
  • 4 global factors
    • Intellectual
    • Drive & Resilience
    • Inter Personal
    • Tough Mindness
  • 20 contributing primary factors

The need of an effective and competent workforce is increasing day by day. Leadership quality of the talent pool of an organization is going to be a critical differentiator in the organization’s progress going forward.