This assessment is designed by expert counselors with over a decade of experience in the field of education, applied psychology and human behavior.

Emotional Intelligence

Stress and its impact for survival have a diverse outlook along with deep understanding of the same. Some amount of stress is necessary for survival, but unnecessary stress and anxiety can put the living being out of its harmony.

In case of human emotional stability is the art of a happy & successful life. An Emotionally Intelligent person has a calm and a still mind and can sail through any adversity & challenges of life. An emotionally stable person is in more harmony.

Here at Learning Soil Edu we understand the importance of emotional intelligence, hence we believe that finding it out in the early growing years of human life stage is very much important in nurturing a healthy citizen for tomorrow.

We offer Schools and Institutes to take part in our Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

EI theory delineates four relatively distinct socio-emotional traits and abilities:

  • Perceiving
  • Understanding
  • Managing Emotion
  • Responsiveness

Following are the steps to be taken:-

Step 1:Taking an online assessment of 30 min on our online web based portal. The answers given by the candidate should be spontaneous and unbiased.

Step 2:The candidate/school/institute will receive a detail electronic report for the given assessment.

Step 3:There will be an online report reading and understanding session conducted by qualified psychologist/ counsellors of Learning Soil Edu; to the students/counsellor of the school/institute.

Our aim is to make students more self-reliant, with the objective that they understand their strength and weed out their weaknesses by themselves. Translating into excellent social emotional balance human.