Listening Skills

Why Is It important to listen in business? Misinterpretation of communication in absence of active listening, Getting to understand the client/customer & the problem involved, Managing responses effectively, Building empathy with clients, Sharing the right feedback & giving suggestions/advice, Problem Resolution.

Problem Solving

Importance of Problem solving in Customer Service, Listening attentively & asking the right questions & finding solutions, Timelines management in Problem solving, Critical thinking & logic building with facts.

Key Account Management

Strategic Importance of key accounts in a business, Nurturing & Retention of the key accounts, Effective relationship management with continuous engagement and servicing their business needs, Planning, management and handling of complex key accounts.

Rapport Building

What does it mean in business? What are the key factors that help in rapport building? Breaking ice, using humour, acknowledging their perceptions, using right body language, listening skills, showing empathy, problem solving and sharing constructive feedback.