• Efficient Joint and Cartilage Protection
  • Advanced Comfort
  • Excellent Athletic Performance

We provide complete solution to our customers including:

  • Site Survey
  • Consultation
  • Installation of sports surfaces & maintenance
Badminton Courts Tennis Courts Basketball Courts 5 A Side Football Pitch
5 A Side Hockey Pitches Squash Courts Volleyball Courts Skating Rinks
Cricket Pitch Gym Flooring Children’s Play Area Multi-Sport Facilities

Acrylic: Ideal for hard court for all standards of outdoor game, 5 & 8 layer acrylic court, durable, require minimal maintenance, all weather suitable. Designed for application on asphalt and concrete surfaces. This surface can be used for tennis, basketball, multi sports game arenas etc. The cushioning layer can also be laid in various thicknesses to suit the necessary sports criteria, specification and budget.

PP Tiles: With our modular tiles, we offer everyone the opportunity to share such memorable sport and recreational experiences. PP tiles are high quality alternative to other outdoor flooring as they are tiles made out of high quality plastic which can last a long time outdoors. These tiles can be removed and reinstalled. Our products are European. If longevity and flexibility are the requirements then this product is the perfect choice.

Turf: We're transforming playgrounds with innovative play surfaces that are safe, fun and functional. It is most often used in arenas or sports that were originally played on grass. This product can be used for football, golf, hockey, multi sports arenas etc. The product is low maintenance and extremely hard wearing.

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