Art of Retention

Meaning of Retention. The Influence an HR Person yields over employees. Work life balance, Skills enhancement program, Growth & Progression Path clarity to employees, Evaluation & Incentivization of performance.

Environment & Human Development

What is a right work environment for employees? Continuous development of Human Resources to keep pace with technology advancements, Choosing right team leaders, clarity of work areas and functional reporting.

Right Hiring

The methodology of selecting right person for right job, selecting right compensation for the candidate, matching job description with the probable employees, right medium of communication, short listing and the elaboration of hiring process. Right Induction measures.

Resource Optimisation

The available resources in an organisation, what are the business activities in my organisation? Who are the key stakeholders and key projects in different functional areas. What is the utilisation level of the available resources? Methodology used for monitoring it and periodicity of evaluation.