Team Management

Team definition, Team Needs Analysis & Expectations, Consistent Team Communication, Division of Goals & Responsibility, Performance Appreciation, Providing Opportunity to team.


Defining delegation, Trusting team members, Responsibility sharing, Acknowledging skills & Productivity enhancement by effective delegation, Delegation and utilisation of Team resources for right time management, Evaluation of delegation.


What is meant by motivation? Maslow's Theory, Effective Leaders and relationship with motivation, Internal & External Motivation, Leadership ways of motivating team members.

Critical Thinking

Definition of critical thinking in leadership, cycle of critical thoughts & reasoning, Interpretation & Copter Analysis of situation, Sectional & logical approach to thinking, Open-mindedness & consequence analysis.

Analysis & Problem Solving

Role of Analysis & Problem solving in Leadership, Root Cause Analysis of Problem, Situation Management & finding a solution, Diagnosis of a problem and finding an alternate solution, Pre-Evaluation of Solution on defined parameters, Execution of Problem solution with confidence in team.