Overcoming Barriers in effective communication, Developing right body language, Avoidance of preconceived notions or judgement, Listening Skills,Feedback sharing, Telephonic Communication,Email & Business Communication, Understanding the impact of communication.


Objective of making a presentation, Common Errors in making a presentation, Selecting the right matter for a persuasive presentation, Using the right mix of content matter-Audio, Visual, Non Verb always ,matching the presenter’s need with the desires of audience, Creating conviction in proposition, Feedback gathering on presentation and Planning of next steps.


Importance of Planning in Sales, Errors in Sales Planning, Meaning of effective sales planning, Correlation with forecast, Planning with available resources and Doable actions to achieve the desired top line, revenue and bottom line targets.

Goal Setting

Why do we need goal setting? How does it work? What is SMART goal? The right basis for goal setting,Personal Goals & Team Goals, Seasonality of Goals, Matching Goals with ground reality, Monitoring Goal Progression, Encouraging Goal achievement.

Time Management

Why time management is essential for an individual? How to understand the quadrants of time management, Time Management v/s Sales Planning & Goal Setting. Respecting time and its correlation with sales calls, What is the time management schedule of effective salespeople.

Effective Sales Conversion

What is effective sales conversion? Funnel Management & Sales Closure through effective presentations,Follow up calls, Query/objection handling, Problem resolution and/or Needs satisfaction, Getting a client to the negotiation stage and Conversion of the sales lead.